Glasgow Airport offsite parking outdoor screens

outdoor weather proof & vandal resistant screens

Above: 2 of the 10 Digital Signage totems installed for Glasgow Airport off site parking company, Group First PLC. The totems are designed to run adverts when no vehicles are within the range of the ANPR cameras. Once a vehicle arrives in range, the ANPR system reads the plate, if the vehicle has a pre-booked space then the content changes and informs the driver of their allocated zone & space, the trigger also opens the barrier to allow the vehicle through.

32" wall mount outdoor screen

ABOVE: a 32″ wall mount weather and vandal proof Digital Sign with connection back to the ANPR trigger software.

Glasgow Airport offsite parking screen 47" totem

Content does not only show parking information, it can also trigger messages based on the weather, traffic and many more conditions.

Outdoor screen at Glasgow Airport

The meet and greet bus service gets its own welcome messages too and advises on road conditions.

Outdoor Totem Display at Park First Glasgow

Each Outdoor display is designed from the ground up to the exact requirements of the customer. Many options are available, such as AEB, iBeacon integration, ticket printers and customised paint jobs.

Skyport Glasgow ANPR Triggered Content

Weather and Vandal proof outdoor screen

The Forum, underground Car Park Display
Raglan Castle Wales – Outdoor Information Screen