Outdoor Screens

Full weatherproof outdoor digital signage screens

Our outdoor screens are a powerful means of communication enabling you to get your message to your audience in an outdoor environment. Applications can vary from simple information points for city visitors, corporate sites through to complex interactive out of home advertising networks and even contactless donation systems for locations such as botanical gardens or heritage centres.

Outdoor Digital Signage displays endure a hard life. Everything from sun, snow, rain, wind, vandals, brake dust & exhaust fumes, pollution and many more environmental factors mean the units need to stand up to anything that can be thrown at them. All our displays are designed and built from the ground in Europe and because of this we can guarantee quality of components, build and on going support for your investment. Our support centre is based in Yorkshire & monitors all our Installations, every day.

Wales Milenium Digital Outdoor screens

We take our outdoor totem projects seriously. We know you don’t want to see a blank screen that’s failed due to poor heat management or such bad reflectivity of the glass that the message isn’t visible.

The most Northerly and Southerly locations for our outdoor units - Finland and Oman, temperatures range from -30c to + 40c

The most Northerly and Southerly locations for our outdoor screens – Finland and Oman, temperatures range from -30c to + 40c

Every totem is custom built to your exact requirements and once installed they are serviced  & supported by us from our base in Yorkshire. Since your project is unique, we do not supply a ‘one solution fits all’  standard enclosure and then fit a screen to it like some other companies.

Whether you are searching for LCD displays capable of performance in sun exposed (full-outdoor) or sun protected (semi-outdoor) areas we have solution for you. If you want something special, no worries, we can build it for you. Our all weather outdoor digital signage can be well used for both, public interactive urban multimedia screens or highly visible advertising displays.

If you are looking for a company with experience of delivering successful outdoor Digital Signage screen projects, then talk to us. We’ve been providing solutions for our customers since 2006 and are one of the most experienced in the UK.

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